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CA025P - CVD Coated Carbide for Steel

CA025P - CVD Coated Carbide for Steel

Next Generation CVD Coating for Longer Tool Life

CA025P Features and Benefits

  • Improved Wear Resistance
  • Excellent Fracture Resistance
  • Excellent Adhesion Resistance and Chipping Resistance
CA025P Inserts

    Improved Wear Resistance with New CVD Grade for Steel

    Thickened Alumina with Good Thermal Resistance (Twice as thick as conventional coating)
    Improved Plastic Deformation Resistance by Increased Temperature Strength

    Wear Resistance Comparison (Internal Evaluation)

    Wear Resistance Comparison Graph Wear Resistance Comparison Pictures 

    CA025P Maintains Smooth and Flat Surface with Stable Tool Life

    Wear Comparison (Internal Evaluation)
    Cutting Time 25.2 min
    Plastic Deformation Comparison under High Temperature (Internal Evaluation)
    Comparison with Competitor A
    Wear Comparison Plastic Deformation Comparison under High Temperature 

    Excellent Fracture Resistance

    New Substrate with High Stability Provides Excellent Chipping Resistance

    Fracture Resistance Comparison (Internal Evaluation) Average of 5 times

    Fracture Resistance Comparison Chart

    Excellent Adhesion Resistance and Chipping Resistance

    Specialized Post-coating Process Prevents Adhesion

    Adhesion on the Edge after Cutting (Internal Evaluation)

    Specialized Post-coating Without Specialized Post-coating
    Specialized Post-coating Without Specialized Post-coating 

    Recommended Cutting Conditions Charts

     CA025P CVD Coated Carbide for Steel Product Brochure
    CA025P Product Brochure