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KYOCERA CBN is second only to diamond in hardness. CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) is a synthetically produced material with high thermal conductivity which provides stable cutting.
    • Superior wear resistance when cutting hardened materials
    • Suitable for high speed cutting of cast iron and sintered steel
    • High thermal conductivity provides stable cutting
    Hardened Materials

    KBN510 - Finishing and continuous cutting of hardened die steel
    KBN525 - General grade for hardened steel, high stability at high speed and high feed cutting
    KBN05M - (Megacoat) High speed finishing of hardened steel
    KBN10M - (Megacoat) High speed finishing of hardened die steel
    KBN25M - (Megacoat) Stable cutting of hardened steel at high speed
    KBN30M - (Megacoat) Stable cutting of hardened steel for continuous to interrupted cutting

    Sintered Steel

    KBN65B - Stable cutting of sintered steel (ferrous sintered alloy) at low speed
    KBN570 - Machining of sintered steel (preventing burr formation)
    KBN65M - (Megacoat) Stable cutting of sintered steel (ferrous sintered alloy) at low speed
    KBN70M - (Megacoat) General cutting of sintered steel (ferrous sintered alloy) at high speed
    Cast Iron

    KBN475 - High speed machining of gray cast iron
    KBN60M - (Megacoat) High speed finishing of gray cast iron
    KBN900 - (TiN Coat) Heavy duty, interrupted cutting and finishing of hardened steel, hardened roll steel and cast iron