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Ceramic inserts are capable of running at high speeds, thus reducing expensive machining time. Hard turning of 38HRC to 64HRC hardened steel, or rough to finish turning of cast iron are recommended applications for ceramic inserts. KYOCERA’s ceramic grades are designed to resist oxidation and maintain hardness at elevated temperatures.


  • Excellent wear resistance for high cutting speeds
  • Ceramic maintains good surface finishes due to the low affinity to workpiece materials
  • Silicon nitride ceramic has improved thermal shock resistance allowing cast iron cutting using coolants
Cast Iron

KA30 - Finishing of cast iron at high cutting speeds without coolant
KS6050 - Roughing and interrupted machining of cast iron. Focus on stability. (with or
without coolant)
CS7050 - Finishing and continuous machining, high speed and high efficient machining (with
or without coolant)

Cast Iron
Hardened Materials

A65 - Semi-roughing to finishing of cast iron, and hard materials
A66N - Semi-roughing to finishing of hard materials
PT600M - Semi-roughing to finishing of cast iron, hard materials and hardened roll materials

Heat Resistant Alloys

KS6030 - Finishing to medium machining of heat-resistant alloys
KS6040 - Roughing of heat-resistant alloys