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DRA Magic Drill

DRA Magic Drill High Efficiency Replaceable Tip Drill
Excellent Hole Accuracy with a Low Cutting Force Design

Low Cutting Force Design Improves Hole Accuracy

The special chisel edge with S-curve reduces thrust force and controls vibration

 Cutting Edge Image Low Cutting Force Comparison

Optimal Web Thickness Limits Deflection

The hole accuracy is improved by controlling drill deflection with a 20% thicker web compared with Competitor A

 Web Thickness Comparison Roundness - Cylindricity Comparison

Fine Chip Breaking Even in Deep Hole Drilling Applications

Optimized chip thinning for stable chip evacuation
Support groove with wider flute (5D, 8D) enables smooth chip evacuation

 Chip Comparison Support Groove

Easy Insert Replacement

Replace insert without removing screw
Replace insert without removing screw.
Install the insert onto toolholder.
Install the insert onto toolholder.
(Align insert guide line with screw position)
Fix the insert by tightening the screw
Fix the insert by tightening the screw.

Long Tool Life and Stable Machining of Various Workpieces

MEGACOAT NANO grade PR1535 is used to machine various materials from steel to stainless steel, with the combination of a tough substrate and a special nano layer coating.

First Recommendation

 Coating Properties Wear Resistance Comparison
 DRA Magic Drill Brochure

DRA Magic Drill