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GBA Grooving Inserts

GBA Grooving with 3 Cutting Edges

Smooth Chip Evacuation with Molded Chipbreaker

  •  Large Lineup of Chipbreakers and Insert Grades
  • Smooth Chip Control with Molded Chipbreakers Along with Excellent Surface Finish
  • Stable Machining with PR1625 Insert Grades
GBA Product Image

Multiple Insert Grades Cover a Wide Variety of Applications

General Purpose: PR1215
Surface Finish Oriented: TN620
Stable Machining Oriented: PR1625

The new PR1625 has high hardness and toughness with a highly stable carbide base material and MEGACOAT NANO coating technology for excellent welding resistance.

GBA Grade Chart
Fracture Resistance Comparison (Internal Evaluation)
Fracture Resistance Comparison

Wear Resistance Comparison (Internal Evaluation)
Wear Resistance Comparison

Smooth Chip Control with GM Chipbreaker

Smooth Chip Control Due to Bump Placement on the Chipbreaker
Groove Widths from 1.4 mm
Multi-Bump Design
 GBA Grooving Product Brochure
GBA Grooving