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Kyocera SF1000DRA210M3 DRA Magic Drill, 3xD Replaceable Tip Drill

Kyocera SF1000DRA210M3 DRA Magic Drill, 3xD Replaceable Tip Drill

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Excellent Hole Accuracy with a Low Cutting Force Design.

5 Advantages to Efficiently Solve Common Drilling Difficulties.

  1. Low Cutting Force Design Improves Hole Accuracy. The special chisel edge with S-curve reduces thrust force and controls vibration.
  2. Optimal Web Thickness Limits Deflection. The hole accuracy is improved by controlling drill deflection with a 20% thicker web compared with Competitor A.
  3. Fine Chip Breaking Even in Deep Hole Drilling Applications. Optimized chip thinning for stable chip evacuation. Support groove with wider flute (5D, 8D) enables smooth chip evacuation.
  4. Easy Insert Replacement. Replace insert without removing screw.
  5. Long Tool Life and Stable Machining of Various Workpieces. MEGACOAT NANO grade PR1535 is used to machine various materials from steel tostainless steel, with the combination of a tough substrate and a special nano layer coating.

Product Details:

  • Application: Drilling
  • Holder Type: Replaceable Tip Drill
  • Series: Magic Drill DRA
  • Holder Style: SF 3xD
  • Maximum Drill Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.866in
  • Minimum Drill Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.827in
  • Drill Depth by Diameter Ratio: 3xD
  • Shank Diameter (Decimal Inch): 1.0in
  • Overall Length (Decimal Inch): 6.024in
  • Maximum Drill Depth (Decimal Inch): 2.598in
  • Shank Length (Decimal Inch): 3.819in
  • Shank Type: Flanged
  • Flute Length (Decimal Inch): 2.205in
  • Coolant Through: Yes
  • Compatible Inserts: DA2100M-... ~ DA2150M-...
  • Insert Seat Size: 210
  • Insert Holding Method: Clamp Screw
  • Toolholder Material: Steel
  • Unit of Measure: Inch
  • DRA Magic Drill Brochure

    DRA Magic Drill Brochure

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