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Honeycomb Structure CBN / Ceramic

Honeycomb Structure CBN / CERAMIC
Honeycomb structure is a composite material consisting of a hard and superior wear-resistant core (gray portion) and a tough shell (white portion) with a precisely controlled grain structure.
    • Cell Fibers combine a hard, wear-resistant core and a tough shell into one insert.
    • The tough shell stops cracks that form in the core.
    • CBN is good for interrupted machining of exceptionally hard material and ceramic is good for heat-resistant alloys
    Hardened Materials

    KBN35M (Megacoat)

    • Honeycomb structure CBN composite material consisting of wear resistant CBN (core) and tough CBN (shell)
    • Heat-resistant MEGACOAT on tough Honeycomb structure CBN
    • Application: Stable machining of hardened steel at interrupted machining
    Heat Resistant Alloys CF1
    • Honeycomb structure ceramic composite material consisting of wear resistant ceramic (core) and tough ceramic (shell)
    • Application: Machining of heat-resistant alloys like Ni-base heat-resistant alloys