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Indexable Cutting Tools.

Indexable Drilling Holders and Inserts - Only $1500 for over $21K of products

$1,500.00 $21,000.00

This incredible offer is for over $21,000 of Kyocera Precision Tools products for ONLY $1,800.

* Quantities may be adjusted due to inventory levels. Agreement by both parties will be addressed prior to shipping.

 Qty  Material # SKU Description
                          1 8845769 DA1890MGMPR1525 Kyocera DA1890MGMPR1525, 0.744in Diameter, Carbide, PR1525 Grade, Replaceable Tip Drill Insert
                          1 8846621 SF0625DRA115M8 Kyocera SF0625DRA115M8 DRA Magic Drill, 8xD Replaceable Tip Drill
                          3 8845416 SF1000DRA250M3 Kyocera SF1000DRA250M3 DRA Magic Drill, 3xD Replaceable Tip Drill
                       10 8600836 DR1469 Kyocera DR1469 HOLESHOT Indexable Insert Drill
                       10 8600878 DR1850X3N Kyocera DR1850X3N HOLESHOT Indexable Insert Drill
                       10 8600952 DR2437X1 Kyocera DR2437X1 HOLESHOT Indexable Insert Drill
                          2 8846611 SF0625DRA100M5 Kyocera SF0625DRA100M5 DRA Magic Drill, 5xD Replaceable Tip Drill
Note: Images are a representation of some of the products that are included in this listing.

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