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PVD for Turning


PVD for Turning

KYOCERA’s PVD coated carbides for turning utilize very tough carbide substrates. The low processing temperature, compared with CVD, leads to improved bending strength, less deterioration of the coating and superior tool life with stable machining.

  • Smooth fine surface of PVD coated carbide provides good surface finish and high precision machining
  • Stable machining with excellent toughness

    PR915 - (Super Micro-Grain) Stable and reliable high precision machining of steel
    PR930 - (Super Micro-Grain) Low machining speed, precise machining with sharp edge
    PR1005 - Turning of free-cutting steel, longer tool life achieved through anti-adhesion performance
    PR1025 - General machining of steel and stainless steel, stable and longer tool life
    PR1115 - Machining of steel and stainless steel, for grooving, cut-off and threading
    PR1215 - Superior adhesion resistance and longer tool life for steel and stainless steel machining
    PR1425 - Variety of steels, high speed machining of stainless steel with extended tool life

    Stainless Steel

    PR1125 - Finishing and light interrupted machining of stainless steel
    PR1225 - Light interrupted to interrupted cutting of stainless steel
    PR1515 - Threading of stainless steel
    PR1535 - Medium to roughing of stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys, cut-off of stainless steel

    Cast Iron

    PR905 - Suitable for machining gray and nodular cast iron

    Heat Resistant Alloys

    PR005S - Finishing of heat-resistant alloys
    PR015S - Finishing and high speed application of heat-resistant alloys
    PR1305 - Finishing of heat-resistant alloys
    PR1310 - First choice for continuous and light interrupted machining and finishing of heat-resistant alloys
    PR1325 - Light interrupted machining and roughing of heat-resistant alloys