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TN620 Uncoated CERMET for Steel Machining

New cermet for high quality surface finish machining with excellent wear and fracture resistance to improve tool life.

TN610 Uncoated CERMET for Steel Machining


  • TN610 with higher wear resistance during continuous and finish machining
  • High quality / High precision machining
  • TN620 for general use and quality surface finishes with balanced wear and fracture resistance
  • Excellent fracture resistance with surface-hardened layer using gradient composition technology
  • Continuously-varied hardness provides wear and fracture resistance
  • Combining the conventional cermet bonded phase (nickel, cobalt) and the special high melting point metallic bonded phase improves adhesion resistance and provides a better surface finish with a higher thermal resistance of the bonded phase


  • WF Chipbreaker - Negative Wiper Insert
    for Finishing
  • WE Chipbreaker - Negative Wiper Insert
    for Finishing - Meidum
  • PP Chipbreaker - Negative
    for Finishing
  • PQ Chipbreaker - Negative
    for Finishing - Medium
  • PG Chipbreaker - Negative
    for Medium - Roughing
  • PP Chipbreaker - Positive
    for Finishing
  • WP Chipbreaker - Positive Wiper Insert
    for Finishing
 TN610 / TN620 / PV710 / PV720 Brochure

TN610 / TN620 / PV710 / PV720 Brochure