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Solid Round Cutting Tools

Kyocera T2362O709ECR4 6.00mm Cut Dia TITAN-AXM Solid Round High Perf Corner Radius End Mill


Kyocera has developed the TITAN-AX™ line of end mills for machining materials used in Medical, Microwave, Aerospace and other miniature component industries. 


  • Smoother Cutting with Better Chip Evacuation
  • Corner Radii Programmable for 3D Surfacing
  • Better Life and Finishes
  • Consistent Part Size and Surface Finish
  • Better Clamping Rigidity and T.I.R
  • Clearance for Deeper Pocketing Applications
  • Ideal for Trochoidal Milling Parts


  • [DC] Cutting Diameter (Size): 6.00mm
  • [DC] Cutting Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.2362
  • [DC] Cutting Diameter (mm): 6.00
  • [DCON] Shank Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.2362
  • [DCON] Shank Diameter (mm): 6.00
  • [LF] Overall Length (Decimal Inch): 2.953
  • [LF] Overall Length (mm): 75.00
  • [APMX] Length of Cut (Decimal Inch): 0.709
  • [APMX] Length of Cut (mm): 18.00
  • [LU] Reach Length (Decimal Inch): 1.772
  • [LU] Reach Length (mm)45.00
  • [RE] Corner Radius (Decimal Inch): 0.039
  • [RE] Corner Radius (mm): 1.00
  • Length Type: Extended Reach
  • Helix Angle (Degree): Variable
  • Number of Flutes: 3
  • Flute Style: Right Hand Spiral / Variable Helix
  • Type: Micro, Variable Helix, High Performance
  • Hand of Cut: Right-Hand
  • Shank Type: Straight / Cylindrical
  • Material: Sub Micron Grain Carbide
  • Finish / Coating: AX
  • Series: TITAN-AXM
  • Priority Workpiece Material: Steel ~30HRC, Steel 30~40HRC, Stainless Steel, Nickel / Cobalt, Titanium Alloy
  • Applicable Workpiece Material: Hardened Steel ~55HRC, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Graphite, Copper Alloy, Brass, CFRP, Plastic, High Density Plastic
  • Application: Roughing / Finishing
  • Unit of Measure: mm

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