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Kyocera 814-1260L1362 HYDROS MINI, Solid Round Carbide Coolant Fed Micro Drill

Kyocera 814-1260L1362, Left-Hand, HYDROS MINI, Solid Round Carbide Coolant Fed Micro Drill


Kyocera HYDROS Coolant Fed Deep Drills for Difficult-to-Cut Material Provide Excellent Hole Accuracy with a Low Cutting Force Design.

  • Optimized Cutting Edge for Increased Accuracy
  • Double Margin for Smooth Hole Finish
  • Nanocomposite Super-nitride AlTiN Coating Technology

Product Details:

  • [DC] Cutting Diameter (Size): 3.20mm
  • [DC] Cutting Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.1260
  • [DC] Cutting Diameter (mm): 3.20
  • [DCON] Shank Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.1575
  • [DCON] Shank Diameter (mm): 4.00
  • [OAL] Overall Length (Decimal Inch): 2.992
  • [OAL] Overall Length (mm): 76.00
  • [LU] Max Length of Cut (Decimal Inch): 1.008
  • [LU] Max Length of Cut (mm): 25.60
  • [L3] Flute Length (Decimal Inch): 1.362
  • [L3] Flute Length (mm): 34.60
  • [LN] Body Length (Decimal Inch): 1.471
  • [LN] Body Length (mm): 37.37
  • Number of Flutes: 2
  • Flute Style: Spiral / Helical
  • Length of Cut Ratio: 8xD
  • Hand of Cut: Right-Hand
  • Point Geometry: 6 Facet
  • Point Angle (Degree): 140
  • Shank Type: Straight / Cylindrical
  • Material: Sub Micron Grain Carbide
  • Finish / Coating: AlTiN Nano
  • Series: 814 HYDROS MINI
  • Priority Workpiece Material: Steel ~30HRC, Steel 30~40HRC, Hardened Steel ~55HRC, Hardened Steel ~68HRC, Stainless Steel, Nickel / Cobalt, Titanium Alloy
  • Applicable Workpiece Material: Cast Iron, Graphite, Copper Alloy, Brass, Plastic, Thermoset Plastic, High Density Plastic
  • Application: Deep Hole Drilling
  • Unit of Measure: mm

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