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Kyocera MEW 1250W125152T, 1.2500" Diameter End Mill

Kyocera MEW 1250W125152T, 1.2500" Diameter End Mill

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The M-Four double-sided, 4-edge insert milling cutters with Kyocera's unique mold technology reduces cutting forces for reduced vibration.

  • Low Cutting Forces Equivalent to Positive Inserts
    Kyocera's unique insert forming technology reduces cutting forces equivalent to positive inserts
  • Excellent Fracture Resistance
    Obtuse edge for increased cutting edge toughness and stable machining at high feed rates
  • Improved Surface Finish & Minimized Vibration
    Sharp cutting and superior burr and vibration resistance due to helical cutting edge and optimum axial rake design
  • Improved Toolholder Durability and Insert Installation Accuracy
  • Various Chipbreakers for a Wide Range of Applications
    4 types of chipbreakers for a wide range of applications along with a large lineup of corner R (rε) for the GM chipbreaker

Product Details

  • Cutter Type: End Mill
  • Series: M-FOUR
  • Cutter Style: MEW
  • Lead Angle (Degree): 90
  • Shank Type: Standard Length
  • [OD] Cutting Diameter (Decimal Inch): 1.2500
  • [OD] Cutting Diameter (mm): 31.75
  • [Od] Shank Diameter (Decimal Inch): 1.2500
  • [Od] Shank Diameter (mm): 31.75
  • [L] Overall Length (Decimal Inch): 4.0000
  • [L] Overall Length (mm): 101.60
  • Shank Length (Decimal Inch): 2.3370
  • Shank Length (mm): 59.36
  • [S] Max Depth of Cut (Decimal Inch): 0.5906
  • [S] Max Depth of Cut (mm): 15.00
  • Number of Inserts: 2
  • Number of Flutes: 2
  • Cutting Direction: Right-Hand
  • Coolant Through: Yes
  • Insert Holding Method: Clamp Screw
  • Toolholder Material: Steel
  • Application: Facing, Shouldering, Slotting
  • Unit of Measure: inch

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