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Kyocera S125DRZ4212615G DRZ Magic Drill, 3xD Indexable Insert Drill

Kyocera S125DRZ4212615G DRZ Magic Drill, 3xD Indexable Insert Drill



  • Single insert in both pockets and four cutting edges per insert promotes cost savings and increased efficiency.
  • Molded chipbreaker produces three separate chips for smooth chip evacuation.
  • Inserts available in MEGACOAT PVD coated carbides for a variety of applications.
  • Able to offset drill and drill into slant workpieces without pre-drilling
  • Excellent surface finishes

Product Details:

  • Series: DRZ Magic Drill
  • Application: Drilling
  • Holder Style: DRZ
  • Holder Type: Indexable Drill
  • Collar Diameter (Decimal Inch): 2.17in
  • Compatible Inserts: ZCMT150408, ZCMT150406SP
  • Coolant Through: Yes
  • Coolant Hole Thread Type: NPT
  • Coolant Hole Thread Size: 1/5
  • Cutting Direction: Right Hand
  • Drill Diameter (Decimal Inch): 4.212in
  • Head Length (Decimal Inch): 8.93in
  • Insert Holding Method: Screw
  • Maximum Drill Depth (Decimal Inch): 4.96in
  • Maximum Drill Diameter (Decimal Inch): 4.212in
  • Drill Depth by Diameter Ratio: 3xD
  • Minimum Drill Diameter (Decimal Inch): 4.212in
  • Number of Inserts: 3
  • Overall Length (Decimal Inch): 8.93in
  • Shank Type: Whistle Notch
  • Toolholder Material: Steel
  • Unit of Measure: Metric Diameter with Inch Shank

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