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Kyocera SF0625DRA145M5 DRA Magic Drill, 5xD Replaceable Tip Drill

Kyocera SF0625DRA145M5 DRA Magic Drill, 5xD Replaceable Tip Drill


Excellent Hole Accuracy with a Low Cutting Force Design.

5 Advantages to Efficiently Solve Common Drilling Difficulties.

  • Low Cutting Force Design Improves Hole Accuracy. The special chisel edge with S-curve reduces thrust force and controls vibration.
  • Optimal Web Thickness Limits Deflection. The hole accuracy is improved by controlling drill deflection with a 20% thicker web compared with Competitor A.
  • Fine Chip Breaking Even in Deep Hole Drilling Applications. Optimized chip thinning for stable chip evacuation. Support groove with wider flute (5D, 8D) enables smooth chip evacuation.
  • Easy Insert Replacement. Replace insert without removing screw.
  • Long Tool Life and Stable Machining of Various Workpieces. MEGACOAT NANO grade PR1535 is used to machine various materials from steel tostainless steel, with the combination of a tough substrate and a special nano layer coating.

Product Details:

  • Application: Drilling
  • Holder Type: Replaceable Tip Drill
  • Series: Magic Drill DRA
  • Holder Style: SF 5xD
  • Maximum Drill Diameter (Decimal Inch): 2.953in
  • Minimum Drill Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.571in
  • Drill Depth by Diameter Ratio: 5xD
  • Shank Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.625in
  • Overall Length (Decimal Inch): 5.669in
  • Maximum Drill Depth (Decimal Inch): 2.953in
  • Shank Length (Decimal Inch): 3.78in
  • Shank Type: Flanged
  • Flute Length (Decimal Inch): 1.89in
  • Coolant Through: Yes
  • Compatible Inserts: DA1450M-... ~ DA1490M-...
  • Insert Seat Size: 145
  • Insert Holding Method: Clamp Screw
  • Toolholder Material: Steel
  • Unit of Measure: Inch

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