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Indexable Cutting Tools

Kyocera SLT 3020SKB PR0735 Grade PVD Carbide, Indexable Milling Insert (10 pieces)

$46.40 $154.80

Kyocera SLT 3020SKB PR0735 Grade PVD Carbide, Rectangle, Positive Rake Angle, Neutral Milling Insert for Low-Medium Speed in Stainless Steel and Heat-resistant Alloy.

  • Insert for Slot Milling
  • Chamfered + Honed Edge with 1 Cutting Edges
  • TiN based PVD coated carbide
  • Application: For stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy
  • For low to medium speed machining

Product Details

  • Series: MSTA-Series
  • Application: Slot Milling
  • Chipbreaker: SKB
  • Coating: TiN
  • Coating Process: PVD
  • Corner Radius (Decimal Inch): 0.0079
  • Cutting Range: Low-Medium Speed
  • Insert Grade: PR0735
  • Insert Hand: Neutral
  • Insert Size: 3020
  • Insert Style: SLT
  • Material: Carbide
  • Primary Workpiece Material: Stainless Steel
  • Secondary Workpiece Material: Heat Resistant Alloys
  • Rake: Positive
  • Shape: Rectangle

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